My Hong Kong Vacation

My Hong Kong Vacation
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Thursday, 2 August 2007

Why I am Against the Smoking Ban

Many of my friends and colleagues gasp in surprise when I tell them I am strongly opposed to the Smoking Ban . But Valiant they Say you don't smoke or you hardly ever smoke why would It bother you? First of all even though I can count the packs of cigarettes I smoke a year on my fingers nearly all of my smoking is done in the Pubs Or Clubs when I go out. But secondly and most Importantly I feel that this ban has little to do with smoking and far more to do with England's oppresive communist governments desire to be more controlling. Thier logic being if you dont move forward with stomping out peoples liberties you will fall backwards. Having successfully passed the smoking ban they have immediately put forward a bill to recriminalize marijuana ie move it from a class C to a class B. This means more police effort being spent arresting and prosecuting people for enjoying a harmless substance which we copied america in prohibiting. Few people realise that we followed america when we illegalised marijuana which they did in order to oppress the mexican minority. In addition to this another bill has been put forward recently requesting that the minimum age for any driving including learningto be changed to 18 and to prohibit drivers under the age of 25 from carrying passengers between 11 pm and 5 am. Again Friends ask does this affect you I am not under 25 I haven't smoked marijuana in the past year (besides when I went to holland) and as I said I rarely smoke so why all the fuss becuase all these things are just a few more liberties taken away what is next an enforced curfew, prohibition?

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