My Hong Kong Vacation

My Hong Kong Vacation
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Thursday, 2 August 2007

What is Up with Taxes

Hire more people bigger government has been the Labour partys answer to unemployment rates time and again. I can hear them now What! unemploment is up quick hire a million civil servants what it is up again quick lets have a war hire soldiers. Who foots the bill the taxpayer you and me. Currently the average working person is paying over 60% of thier wages in tax and this is rising. Believe me the sherrif of nottingham wasn't asking for a quarter of that amount. In a Feifdom serfs didnt give that much and they were provided with land and housing. I believe that the average Tax payer should say to the government right I am paying 15,000 a year in taxes I should get a good house provided with that that would make it more fair. Instead with the current system you get a house for managing to not work for a long enough period of time we have gotten into this sad state of affairs as the majority of people who actually go to vote are not those who are paying taxes but those who are recieving governement handouts this group includes the unemployed the students and yes the largest single voting force in england the retired

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