My Hong Kong Vacation

My Hong Kong Vacation
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Monday, 6 August 2007

Let It Be

If you ask anyone what the main problem with UK politics is they will tell you it is that all the parties are the same which is true. All the major parties have lost touch with what they were setup for. All of this in an effort to win more votes appelaing to the lowest common denominator. So what we have now is the left(conservatives) the far left Labour and the completely raving loony Left (liberal Democrats) . These parties are more than happy to let England slide into masses of debt as long as they can bribe a large enough percentage of the population with bread and circuses. The main reason that this is not going to change is that people in england have become far too complacent and comfortable. So they will vote for the party that gives the biggest bribe, but in addition there is no truly capitalist party out there. This in the country where the Laissez Faire (let it be) following truly began. We need a radically capitalistic party that will at least show that there are people out there who want a different government . This would be a government where there is no unemployment benefits, NHS ,or government paid further education. Most importantly this would be a smaller government that is not interested in meddling in peoples affairs or nannying and controlling the population. A smaller army that isn't sent out to invade a soveriegn country just becuase they have too much time on their hands. This party would be able to promise drastic tax reductions. If you need any proof that this government would work all you have to do is look at the economy of Hong Kong where there is virtually no tax at all. This is the most successfull economy in the world. It is a part of china where most people live in relative poverty yet the average salary in Hong Kong equals £18,000 pounds. In Hong Kong there ar no capital gains taxes, no withholding taxes, no sales taxes, no VAT, no annual net worth taxes, no accumulated earnings taxes and you get paid your full salary.At the end of the year you get a tax bill which after all the allowances( personal allowance £15,000, mortgage allowance £ 7,500) and numerous other deductions plus a tax rate that starts at 2% the average employee can end up paying nothing in tax ,

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