My Hong Kong Vacation

My Hong Kong Vacation
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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Opera is the fastest Browser

Anyone who uses Firefox can see an instant increase in their browsing speed yet Internet Explorer claims that it has the same speed capabilities. I spend at least 50 hours a week chained down to a computer not because I am some sad basement freak, but because like most people I work 40 hours a week with a computer. As a recruitment consultant most of my time is spent either researching candidates from a web database or gathering information on and contacting prospective clients. In addition I have a personal laptop which I use at home for the puposes of this Blog I have tested Internet Explorer 7, safari 3.0, firefox and opera 9.22 using a 1 MB broadband connection and a 2.83 GHz computer navigating and renavigating through the same 10 pages of ebay . Up until this moment I have been the strongest supporter of Firefox. I tried Opera a year ago, it limited the amount of pictures on a Webpage and the amount of data stored in a video stream. (it was impossible to enjoy a seamless Flash video as when you paused the video it wouldn't load more than a second ahead) so obviously I chucked it. My reason for writing this blog is that I saw an article detracting Firefox. Among its claims were that Firefoxes "memory leak" was not a bug but a feature that Firefox had created because 39% of navigations are renavigations to previous pages. Firefox implements a Back-Forward cache that retains the rendered document for the last few session history entries. Damn right this is a feature it is a feature that makes Firefox twice as fast as Internet Explorer EG; Fully renavigating back through 10 pages 19 seconds Internet explorer 47 seconds. My biggest surprise came when I installed Opera not only did it load flash video and pictures it took 3 seconds to renavigate through 10 pages and it took 27 seconds to navigate through 10 pages (43 % faster than firefox) see test results below.
Browser                            Navigate              Renavigate
Internet Explorer 7            55 Seconds           47 Seconds
Firefox                  39 Seconds          19 Seconds
Opera 9.23                        27 Seconds            3 Seconds
Safari 3.0                          58 Seconds          43 Seconds
after careful examination I realised the reason opera outperformed Firefox is that it stored all 10 pages whereas Firefox only stored 3 pages I haven't checked Opera's Limit and although the
look and feel of Opera is still new to me I will be trying it out for now. So far the benifits are that It has drastically increased my browsing speed this is becuase in addition to being faster it loads important parts of the page first allowing you to see the page
as soon as it starts loading which is the reason why internet explorer seems to be 10 x slower

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Free Streaming Southpark Videos

Among the many topics I like to discuss one of my favourites is southpark. When me and my friends get together we can spend hours quoting line after line of script from southpark. Despite the fact that almost everyone you meet enjoys watching southpark, very few people know that there is a site where you can watch every single episode of southpark free. Yes that's right this little known site has all 11 seasons of southpark. So for free southpark videos just go to or better still click this link free southpark episodes

Will History see us as the Villians

In England today we outnumber the Muslims 50-1, there is no doubt in any intelligent persons mind that they are the minority.If we continue to allow unfair incitement against them by our main representatives (Tv and our Government) History will see us as the Villians. When you have (as shown on the news last night) documentary producers editing footage of a person giving an example of what you can't say and then saying thats what they are preaching it's the same as Quoting the daily mail as saying that "Channel 4 itself should be prosecuted for inciting racial hatred","the imams' speeches had been completely distorted" and that "they should indict the people at Channel 4".Not true as we all know that the Daily Mail will always leap towards the defence of the bigot and continue to perpetuate the myth that the white majority are the oppressed and not the aggressor. As Ken Livingstone said"For the Mail group the victims may change but the intolerance, hatred and fear pervade every issue" Daily Mail Article

Monday, 6 August 2007

Let It Be

If you ask anyone what the main problem with UK politics is they will tell you it is that all the parties are the same which is true. All the major parties have lost touch with what they were setup for. All of this in an effort to win more votes appelaing to the lowest common denominator. So what we have now is the left(conservatives) the far left Labour and the completely raving loony Left (liberal Democrats) . These parties are more than happy to let England slide into masses of debt as long as they can bribe a large enough percentage of the population with bread and circuses. The main reason that this is not going to change is that people in england have become far too complacent and comfortable. So they will vote for the party that gives the biggest bribe, but in addition there is no truly capitalist party out there. This in the country where the Laissez Faire (let it be) following truly began. We need a radically capitalistic party that will at least show that there are people out there who want a different government . This would be a government where there is no unemployment benefits, NHS ,or government paid further education. Most importantly this would be a smaller government that is not interested in meddling in peoples affairs or nannying and controlling the population. A smaller army that isn't sent out to invade a soveriegn country just becuase they have too much time on their hands. This party would be able to promise drastic tax reductions. If you need any proof that this government would work all you have to do is look at the economy of Hong Kong where there is virtually no tax at all. This is the most successfull economy in the world. It is a part of china where most people live in relative poverty yet the average salary in Hong Kong equals £18,000 pounds. In Hong Kong there ar no capital gains taxes, no withholding taxes, no sales taxes, no VAT, no annual net worth taxes, no accumulated earnings taxes and you get paid your full salary.At the end of the year you get a tax bill which after all the allowances( personal allowance £15,000, mortgage allowance £ 7,500) and numerous other deductions plus a tax rate that starts at 2% the average employee can end up paying nothing in tax ,

Friday, 3 August 2007

Reasons for Ending Drug Prohibition

The Main Problem With Drugs is not Drugs but the Prohibition of Drugs. Prohibition of every substance has Failed. The government should Legalise every drug not because they condone drugs but because the prohibition of drugs is what causes all the problems. There will always be people seeking to intoxicate themselves if drugs weren't Illegal we wouldnt have half the problems that we have with them today. a controlled drug supply would mean drug dealers off our streets,no need for crime to support the habit, no more deaths by overdose, no drug enforced prostitution, a massive cut in criminal and terrorist funding no more aggressive dealing to impressionable youths, no more deaths and assualt on police officers done by dealers just trying to stay out of jail. It is not like doing this would increase the use of drugs drastically. Certainly not hard drugs, there is no way that an intelligent Person would go out and insert heroin into their veins just becuase it becomes legal. The western view that drugs are the root of all evil is no more valid than the muslims similar view of premarital sex. For instance compare how many people you know who have died from cervical cancer caused by an STD (99.8% HPV caused)is that a reason to Ban premarital sex. I Believe that condoning the execution of a drug dealer by any country including america is the same as condoning the stoning of an arab woman accused of adultery see link Jaun raul garza execution . sometime in the future we will come to the same realisation as John Rockerfeller (The Worlds First Billionaire) when He said these words.
"When Prohibition was introduced, I hoped that it would be widely supported by public opinion and the day would soon come when the evil effects of alcohol would be recognised. I have slowly and reluctantly come to believe that this has not been the result. Instead, drinking has generally increased; the speakeasy has replaced the saloon; a vast army of lawbreakers has appeared; many of our best citizens have openly ignored Prohibition; respect for the law has been greatly lessened; and crime has increased to a level never seen before."

The Coming Age Wars

Fact The Age Wars are coming when and how bad they are is up to debate but every statistiscal model shows that we cannot keep going at our current trend. Got no idea what I am talking about I am talking about? I am talking about the current trend that has the UK's Over 50's Controlling over 75% of the Uks wealth all the while still recieving and complaining about their government handouts the wealth of the over 50s has increased by 50 % in the last five years and based on current trends by the year 2035 the over 50s will control 95% of the wealth. So while I have every respect for my elders the time is going to come when there will be a major clash. Struggling taxpayers with negative equity will decide that they will no longer pay 90% of their salary in taxes only to have it given to a retired person to spend on a new facelift.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

What is Up with Taxes

Hire more people bigger government has been the Labour partys answer to unemployment rates time and again. I can hear them now What! unemploment is up quick hire a million civil servants what it is up again quick lets have a war hire soldiers. Who foots the bill the taxpayer you and me. Currently the average working person is paying over 60% of thier wages in tax and this is rising. Believe me the sherrif of nottingham wasn't asking for a quarter of that amount. In a Feifdom serfs didnt give that much and they were provided with land and housing. I believe that the average Tax payer should say to the government right I am paying 15,000 a year in taxes I should get a good house provided with that that would make it more fair. Instead with the current system you get a house for managing to not work for a long enough period of time we have gotten into this sad state of affairs as the majority of people who actually go to vote are not those who are paying taxes but those who are recieving governement handouts this group includes the unemployed the students and yes the largest single voting force in england the retired

Why I am Against the Smoking Ban

Many of my friends and colleagues gasp in surprise when I tell them I am strongly opposed to the Smoking Ban . But Valiant they Say you don't smoke or you hardly ever smoke why would It bother you? First of all even though I can count the packs of cigarettes I smoke a year on my fingers nearly all of my smoking is done in the Pubs Or Clubs when I go out. But secondly and most Importantly I feel that this ban has little to do with smoking and far more to do with England's oppresive communist governments desire to be more controlling. Thier logic being if you dont move forward with stomping out peoples liberties you will fall backwards. Having successfully passed the smoking ban they have immediately put forward a bill to recriminalize marijuana ie move it from a class C to a class B. This means more police effort being spent arresting and prosecuting people for enjoying a harmless substance which we copied america in prohibiting. Few people realise that we followed america when we illegalised marijuana which they did in order to oppress the mexican minority. In addition to this another bill has been put forward recently requesting that the minimum age for any driving including learningto be changed to 18 and to prohibit drivers under the age of 25 from carrying passengers between 11 pm and 5 am. Again Friends ask does this affect you I am not under 25 I haven't smoked marijuana in the past year (besides when I went to holland) and as I said I rarely smoke so why all the fuss becuase all these things are just a few more liberties taken away what is next an enforced curfew, prohibition?