My Hong Kong Vacation

My Hong Kong Vacation
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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Opera is the fastest Browser

Anyone who uses Firefox can see an instant increase in their browsing speed yet Internet Explorer claims that it has the same speed capabilities. I spend at least 50 hours a week chained down to a computer not because I am some sad basement freak, but because like most people I work 40 hours a week with a computer. As a recruitment consultant most of my time is spent either researching candidates from a web database or gathering information on and contacting prospective clients. In addition I have a personal laptop which I use at home for the puposes of this Blog I have tested Internet Explorer 7, safari 3.0, firefox and opera 9.22 using a 1 MB broadband connection and a 2.83 GHz computer navigating and renavigating through the same 10 pages of ebay . Up until this moment I have been the strongest supporter of Firefox. I tried Opera a year ago, it limited the amount of pictures on a Webpage and the amount of data stored in a video stream. (it was impossible to enjoy a seamless Flash video as when you paused the video it wouldn't load more than a second ahead) so obviously I chucked it. My reason for writing this blog is that I saw an article detracting Firefox. Among its claims were that Firefoxes "memory leak" was not a bug but a feature that Firefox had created because 39% of navigations are renavigations to previous pages. Firefox implements a Back-Forward cache that retains the rendered document for the last few session history entries. Damn right this is a feature it is a feature that makes Firefox twice as fast as Internet Explorer EG; Fully renavigating back through 10 pages 19 seconds Internet explorer 47 seconds. My biggest surprise came when I installed Opera not only did it load flash video and pictures it took 3 seconds to renavigate through 10 pages and it took 27 seconds to navigate through 10 pages (43 % faster than firefox) see test results below.
Browser                            Navigate              Renavigate
Internet Explorer 7            55 Seconds           47 Seconds
Firefox                  39 Seconds          19 Seconds
Opera 9.23                        27 Seconds            3 Seconds
Safari 3.0                          58 Seconds          43 Seconds
after careful examination I realised the reason opera outperformed Firefox is that it stored all 10 pages whereas Firefox only stored 3 pages I haven't checked Opera's Limit and although the
look and feel of Opera is still new to me I will be trying it out for now. So far the benifits are that It has drastically increased my browsing speed this is becuase in addition to being faster it loads important parts of the page first allowing you to see the page
as soon as it starts loading which is the reason why internet explorer seems to be 10 x slower

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