My Hong Kong Vacation

My Hong Kong Vacation
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Monday, 17 December 2007

Writer strike will fail veiwers will suffer

How petty and stupid can these writers get. Carson Daly is not a member of the WGA. This strike has recieved far too much support, even the networks dont want it to end. Reality tv has already proven that even if there is nothing but rubbish on we will still just sit there and watch rubbish. While this strike is on the The network CEO's can have a good laugh at the fact that they are spending a quarter of their budget and their viewing figures have only dropped 10% because none of the other channels have an quality programmes on either. The WGA is impotent its like here in England we had a large group of people who decided to not buy petrol for a day in protest against the high prices (we pay almost $10 a gallon).They had to fill up the next day! If you exerted your power on one company they would watch their ratings and profits Plummet as their competition soar and they would fold like a cheap hooker.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Tv writers should end Strike

Tv writers are paid too much! setting a mandatory amount to pay actors and writers etc will increase the cost and risk of making a scripted tv series as well as reduce the possible profit a producer can make if he is successful. This is not good for viewers (we get more crappy reality tv) or for writers (they can't get their screen plays produced).The effects of the previous strikes are clearly stated above the film and tv business is not a huge profit making machine, the losses that both new producers and large coorporations make are immense and easy to see.I have never been in favour of strikes forcing your colleagues out of work and mocking them if they dare to cross the picket line if you dont feel you are paid enough threaten and negotiate with your talent not with someone elses.