My Hong Kong Vacation

My Hong Kong Vacation
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Friday, 4 September 2009

Why we would be better off without the NHS

There is a reason why people are attacking the NHS. It's not Evil it's just scarily expensive. in 2004 the expenditure was 85 Billion pounds and this is continuing to creep up. If you divide that between ever man woman child and baby this is £1416 a year $200 Dollars a month at todays exchange rate. However insurance is paid for by taxes charged to people in employment of which there are less tha 25 million, cost to the taxpayer minimum $465 per month for a mediocre service with huge waiting cues, impersonal service, and great wastage. Once you have the NHS it is impossible to revert to a sane system. I agree with Andy Burnham I would not wish the NHS on Any Country I believe I should have the option of paying for health insurance. And if i do I can take my $500 Dollars a month and buy an insurance that promises to send me to a Solid Gold hospital on the moon if I get sick.

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